I’m very proud of our partnership with Amscreen. We’ve worked together and overcome some significant technical and logistical challenges to deliver a fantastic range of digital street furniture
Mark WebbOperations Director, Clear Channel UK
We are delighted that the screens demonstrated a 20% increase in sales for promoted services via the digital signage equipment installed in branches

David Nicholson Halifax Group Director
One of the motivations for working with Amscreen was that we found it a really clear, succinct and simple solution to communicate with prospective customers and donors in our shops. The OptimEyes technology has really allowed Age UK to understand customer demographics and tweak marketing communications to target those customers appropriately.
Helena KingHead of Affinity and Product Development
It’s great to have a partner that understands the advertising business – having a scalable digital screen solution is very important to us.
Justin CochraneCEO, Clear Channel UK
We’re always looking to work with partners who provide innovative ways to enhance the customer shopping experience. This new dynamic screen product provides the perfect means for us to do this. The ability to tailor content based on time and location means it can be extremely useful and timely for our customers
Peter CattellCategory Director, Tesco Petrol Forecourts
The digital screens from Amscreen presented us with the perfect opportunity to communicate with customers in a unique, fun and engaging way. The fact the screens required no in-store Wi-Fi, but simply one single plug socket, meant we suffered no disruption in-store during installation. The system is simple to use and allows us to display friendly and highly creative information to all our customers across all our stores.
Steve FowlerOwner of PamPurredPets
We’re delighted to be working on the deployment of our own screen network with Amscreen – it’s an excellent location specific way to communicate with over 7.5 million customers who pass through Shell sites each week and Amscreen’s products enable us to do this in a way that is fitting to the environment as well as captivating for the consumer.
David WoodUK Marketing Delivery Manager
Amscreen’s digital menu board solution was further enhanced by the ability to have a single supplier providing all of the elements needed within the digital signage market: hardware, software, content-creative, content-uploads and a really fantastic team that works to understand our customers’ needs
Mattijs Alpaert Costa Coffee Marketing
We are very excited about bringing this in-house and being able to talk to our staff efficiently. We hope that, by introducing this modern day noticeboard to our workplace, we’ll be able to effectively engage with our staff and continue to create a sense of community amongst employees.
Gary MorganDirector of Human Resources, EMEA