A smarter set of solutions for a new era in outdoor

Deliver a valued offering for both the public and network owners

Smart Services For Connected Communities

With more connected devices, comes greater demand from consumers for improved connectivity. CThe public continue to expect more from service providers including location based insight and personalised, real-time content.

Amscreen’s suite of smart city products can bring all this to the consumer’s fingertips exactly when and where they want it via high speed internet, API-led connectivity, way-finding and much more

Image 3 - Smart Services for Connected Comms
Image 4 - 100percent customisable

100% Customisable Smart Services

Amscreen have a heritage in the end-to-end integration of multiple hardware’s to meet any bespoke use cases.

So, whether you’re looking to integrate public Wi-Fi, solar street lighting or interactive way finder technology, we can provider cohesive smart city solutions for your needs

Phone, Wi-Fi & Wayfinders

Being connected is no longer a luxury – it’s a standard    aspect of modern living.

Consumers expect connectivity on tap, that’s why we are experts in offering telephone, touch-screen way finders and high speed public Wi-Fi hot-spots.

Image 5 - Phone wifi and wayfinders
Image 6 - Environmetal Sensors

Environmental Sensors

We can identify and measure whether at exact locations. This meaning we you can optimise commercial and public service content.

Whether you’re looking to track  air temperature, air quality, noise pollution or react to real-time emergencies, this on-street presence and real-time insight platform can provide you tool to activate in any way you choose

Movement & Motorists

The presence of smart city screens across the urban landscape offers services but optimising motorist services.

Traffic flow and congestion sensing along with the opportunity to integrate electric car charging points. makes them truly multi-purpose.

Image 7 - Movemnt and motorists
Image 8 - Lighting the way

Lighting the Way

Solar energy and power has com along way in he last 10 years.

Amscreen work with partners to integrate the very latest panels to capture, store and deliver lighting when its needed for a safer urban and suburban streetscape.

Smart Servicing Via RDM®

Smart city suite would not be complete without full end to end Smart Servicing capabilities

All our digital signage solutions and services rely on the smooth running and effective operational management of the technology under the hood. This is why we’ve built RDM® –   our Remote Device Management platform.RDM® is a unique full service tool designed and exclusively provided by Amscreen. It provides a simple, real-time health check as well as an online issue resolution centre for every site on your network.

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