Smart Cities Require Smart Signage Solutions

Our IoT and smart city products are designed around offering maximum value with minimal effort for both network operator and the consumer. Each unit is modular and has more than 250 separate sensors allowing the collection of real-time, actionable insight.

Smart Services For Connected Communities

Connected devices are increasing  exponentially. With more connected devices comes greater demand for improved connectivity. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the sharing of data has led to consumers expecting more from service providers including location based insight and personalised content.


Amscreen’s suite of smart city products can bring all this to the consumer’s fingertips exactly when and where they want it via high speed internet, API-led connectivity, way-finding and much more.


Smart Sensors

Digital signage’s position in urban landscapes makes them a perfect medium for collecting insight from their surroundings – helping to understand the movement of people and traffic as well as measuring environmental conditions such as air quality and temperature.

Amscreen’s modular smart city suite allows media owners, telcos and urban planners the ability to incorporate a menu of possible sensors proving valuable insight that help enhance the future journeys of the urban commuter.

Smart Servicing Via RDM®

All our digital signage solutions and services rely on the smooth running and effective operational management of the technology under the hood. This is why we’ve built RDM® –   our Remote Device Management platform.

RDM® is a unique full service tool designed and exclusively provided by Amscreen. It provides a simple, real-time health check as well as an online issue resolution centre for every site on your network.

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