Real-time, Automated Optimisation

With more than 20 years’ experience, we understand what it takes to build and maintain reliable digital signage displays for all countries and climates.

Where screens were once a hybrid of your home television – they’ve now evolved far beyond. Each location, network and screen deployment can offer up an array of different challenges – this is why we’ve incorporated hundreds of internal and external sensors to monitor and automatically adjust everything from light levels to temperature and hardware performance.

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Our products and services are built around the objective of maximising the quality of display while making it simple and cost efficient to operate and maintain a digital screen network. This is the foundation of our newly developed Smart Brightness® technology.
Smart Brightness® adapts the screen display to bring the best experience to the viewer based on real-time monitoring of ambient light conditions. The automation of this process also allows for the reduction in energy costs and lower heat output which in turn extends the life of the hardware by preventing ongoing ‘over-ramping’ of the displays
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Smart Maintenance® is helping remove the need for costly, disruptive site visits.
Amscreens RDM® platform (Remote Device Management) measures the heartbeat of every single screen while Smart Maintenance® automatically optimises and maintains the individual components to ensure they continue to operate at optimal efficiency
Through this ongoing monitoring and automation of operational efficiencies, Smart Maintenance® is reducing the need for call outs, permits and downtime.
Find out more about the RDM® platform here