Screen Solution Provider Amscreen Moves Into Smart Cities

Leading digital screen solutions provider has extended their portfolio to now include a range of smart city products

Amscreen, Europe’s leading outdoor screen solutions provider, has announced plans to drive the development of ‘smart city’ based products across Europe’s urban landscapes.

Smart Cities are now a growing movement amongst local authority urban planners – the trend focusses on integrating any device with a live connection to the Internet (known as IoT or Internet of Things). The associated technology and insight is helping to improve consumer’s journeys and related services as they travel through cities and other urban spaces.

The new portfolio of products from Amscreen is tailored towards local authorities, telcos and media owners who are increasingly looking to modernise and improve on the value delivered to the general public by traditional street furniture such as the classic phone box and screen based advertising estate.

The immediate benefits offered by Amscreen’s existing smart city products and those currently in development include secure Wi-Fi access, local maps plus content feeds from key partners. Amscreen is also developing units that offer location specific environmental insight; proving invaluable to local authorities in the measurement of anything from air pollution and noise levels to traffic and congestion.

The first units to come out of the smart city division include the new Adshel Live London products which are modernising the iconic public phone box. These have been designed by Clear Chanel and manufactured by Amscreen in their European based production facility in the north of England.

The 500 Adshel Live London screen estate will offer a range of services to London’s shoppers and commuters including free Wi-Fi and maps. The deployment of this network marks the UK’s first large scale deployment of smart city screen displays with plans from Amscreen to extend similar products across Europe and beyond.

Simon Sugar, Amscreen’s CEO commented: “Amscreen has a network of 10,000 screens across Europe with more 1200 on UK highstreets rising to 1500 by the end of next year. Our experience of developing, delivering and maintaining exterior displays sets us in perfect stead to take this step into the smart cityscape. Our focus has always revolved around a product that is simple to deploy and easy to maintain while presenting itself in a way that is complementary to its surroundings and the local community. Our smart cities products are simply a natural evolution of this approach.

“We’re excited to be leading the way in the modernisation of Europe’s smart, connected street furniture and leveraging IoT for the benefit of local councils, media owners and the general public.”

Simon Sugar,CEO of Amscreen