Amscreen & Vodafone Power IoT Outdoor Solutions


Out-of-home screens are smarter than ever. Gone are the days of the manual content uploads and dumb displays. Screens aren’t just ‘on the street’ – they are now part of it. Amscreen incorporates 250+ sensors in every unit to measure valuable information and feed it back to network owners to optimise screen performance and content for the viewer.

Amscreen has developed a complete end-to-end digital signage solution, which allows content to be delivered dynamically to screens dependent upon location and local conditions.

The Technology

  • Amscreen’s Remote Device Management (RDM®)
  • Vodafone IoT Managed Connectivity Platform
  • Vodafone MachineLink 4G Plus Router

The Results

  • Single, reliable provider of a global telecoms network
  • Ease and speed of expansion globally which now includes more than 15,000 screens
  • Vodafone IoT Platform merges seamlessly into the Remote Device Management (RDM®) platform for complete visibility and ease of action when required.