An IoT Success Story for Amsceeen and Vodafone

27th March 2019   |    News

Amscreen and Vodafone have maintained a winning partnership that has delivered content to tens of millions of consumers on Europe’s highstreets.

The coming together of these two leading technology providers in their respective fields has brought scalable simplicity and reliability of content delivery and measurement across a European wide screen network.


Out-of-home screens are smarter than ever. Gone are the days of the manual content uploads and dumb displays. Screens aren’t just ‘on the street’ – they are now part of it. Amscreen incorporates 250+ sensors in every unit to measure valuable information and feed it back to network owners to optimise screen performance and content for the viewer.

Amscreen has developed a complete end-to-end digital signage solution, which allows content to be delivered dynamically to screens dependent upon location and local conditions.


The Technology

  • Amscreen’s Remote Device Management (RDM®)
  • Vodafone IoT Managed Connectivity Platform
  • Vodafone MachineLink 4G Plus Router

The Results

  • Single, reliable provider of a global telecoms network
  • Ease and speed of expansion globally which now includes more than 15,000 screens
  • Vodafone IoT Platform merges seamlessly into the Remote Device Management (RDM®) platform for complete visibility and ease of action when required.


View the Case Study. 

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