Amscreen and Vodafone have maintained a winning partnership that has delivered content to tens of millions of consumers on Europe’s highstreets.

The coming together of these two leading technology providers in their respective fields has brought scalable simplicity and reliability of content delivery and measurement across a European wide screen network.


Out-of-home screens are smarter than ever. Gone are the days of the manual content uploads and dumb displays. Screens aren’t just ‘on the street’ – they are now part of it. Amscreen incorporates 250+ sensors in every unit to measure valuable information and feed it back to network owners to optimise screen performance and content for the viewer.

Amscreen has developed a complete end-to-end digital signage solution, which allows content to be delivered dynamically to screens dependent upon location and local conditions.


The Technology

  • Amscreen’s Remote Device Management (RDM®)
  • Vodafone IoT Managed Connectivity Platform
  • Vodafone MachineLink 4G Plus Router

The Results

  • Single, reliable provider of a global telecoms network
  • Ease and speed of expansion globally which now includes more than 15,000 screens
  • Vodafone IoT Platform merges seamlessly into the Remote Device Management (RDM®) platform for complete visibility and ease of action when required.


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Clear Channel announces a significant expansion of their digital deployment plans with Amscreen in 2018


  • New Europe-wide deal between Amscreen and Clear Channel International
  • Extends existing partnerships that has seen the delivery of 2500+ digital outdoor displays in the UK
  • Deal includes expansion into 16 new countries
  • Represents a drive towards digitisation and standardisation across Clear Channel International’s network

Clear Channel International has announced a new partnership with Amscreen that will include the provision of digital outdoor displays for a European-wide deployment.

This new deal will see further expansion across 16 new country markets. This follows 3 years of digital out of home (DOOH) deployments in the UK market where the total DOOH revenue now represents 50% of all OOH revenues.

The deal reflects Clear Channel’s move towards greater digitisation of their international network while standardising the technology across countries to deliver more operational efficiencies.

The global outdoor advertising business’s European territories include Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Poland,  Switzerland and the UK.


William Eccleshare, Clear Channel International CEO commented:

“We have been working with Simon and the Amscreen team for several years now. This deal has come about, not simply due to the speed of deployment and quality of display, but thanks to Amscreen’s full-service solution and their constructive approach to this partnership, which has made this work so well.”

“In the UK, more than 50% of our revenues are now derived from our digital estate thanks to the creativity, flexibility and contextual relevance it offers brands. We are looking to replicate these capabilities with greater operational efficiency and offer these stunning displays to our advertisers across Europe.”

William Eccleshare, Clear Channel International CEO


The soon to launch, standardised double sided 75” screen product will offer Clear Channel International’s business units more efficient deployments across roadside, bus-shelter and outdoor retail environments. The displays have been developed to create base-product standardisation while also providing the opportunity for exterior customisations for the local market’s specific needs. This new product will benefit from a range of new innovations and investments that are all aligned to ensure shorter lead times and reliability on the street. These include:

  • UK / European assembly and engineering base driving shorter lead times
  • Simple, bespoke rapid installation jigs for minimum on-street disruption
  • Modular design to speed repair, replacement and customisation
  • Heat, air-flow and moisture management innovations as part of the Smart Suite® of solutions including Smart Maintenance®, Smart Exchange® and Smart Environmentals®
  • RDM®, a patented remote device management software system for automated optimisation and real-time review and maintenance


Simon Sugar, CEO Amscreen said:

“Since 2014 we’ve been working as one with the Clear Channel UK team, where every element has been built to provide a simple, rapid and reliable deployment and operations. We have also managed to smash the standard industry lead times down to just 6 weeks. This of course brings with it a solid competitive advantage for new tenders for where local municipalities are looking to work with a fast, proven no-fuss solution. We are incredibly proud to have achieved this with Clear Channel UK and now looking forward to seeing these units across mainland Europe.”

Simon Sugar, CEO Amscreen



Timeline of the Amscreen & Clear Channel Partnership

FEBRUARY 2015: Clear Channel UK deal agreed to provide 500+ screen for UK high street roll-out

MARCH 2015: Amscreen’s new factory built in Bolton, UK to act as main base of production

DECEMBER 2015: 500 screens produced for Clear Channel UK

JUNE 2016: 1000+ screen now produced for Clear Channel UK

SEPTEMBER 2016: Phone Kiosk deal announced

OCTOBER 206: 1st phone kiosk unit delivered and deployed / 1500 screen now delivered

NOVEMBER 2016: Clear Channel Ireland deploy retail display network with Amscreen  

JULY 2017: 250th phone kiosk rolls off production line for Clear Channel UK

SEPTEMBER 2017: Clear Channel Northern Ireland and Amscreen deal agreed

OCTOBER 2017: Amscreen and Clear Channel International sign European deal across 16 new countries

Adshel Goes Live’ – Peter Megarrell, Clear Channel NI and Tristan Aiken, Translink Estates pictured at the launch of Ireland’s First Ever Digital Roadside Network – Adshel Live



  • Clear Channel Northern Ireland have retained the Translink contract for bus shelters across Northern Ireland
  • 70 Adshel Live HD digital screens will be installed in the city centre, on main arterial routes and in high footfall locations
  • Digital screens are being built in partnership with Amscreen
  • Powered by Play IQ- Intelligent scheduling & content management

Following a competitive tendering process, Clear Channel Northern Ireland have retained the Translink contract for the management of the bus shelter estate in Northern Ireland. This will see Clear Channel maintain and sell advertising across the estate of 1400 bus shelters in Northern Ireland.

As part of this contract, Clear Channel Northern Ireland will launch Adshel Live – a network of 70 digital screens. The screens will be located in high profile locations in the city centre, on main arterial routes and in high footfall locations. The digital screens are being provided by Amscreen, Europe’s leading digital signage solutions company. The portfolio will be powered by Play IQ – Clear Channel’s intelligent scheduling and content management system; enabling seamless ad-serving across all sites.


“We are delighted to retain the Translink contract at this exciting time for public transport investment in Northern Ireland. This is a significant investment, a significant commitment and a significant moment for Irish Out-of-Home Media. Today’s announcement is about more than brilliant new screens. This is investment with purpose. It’s about the right sites that reach the right audience at the right time. The screens are supported by amazing back-end technology that will allow brands to effortlessly ad-serve content – adding an extra layer of context to pin-sharp creative.”

Peter Megarrell, Commercial Director, Clear Channel Northern Ireland


“We are so pleased to be partnering with Clear Channel Northern Ireland for the launch of Adshel Live bus shelters. This deal offers up various efficiencies – one of these being the speed of delivery via our European-based production headquarters. As well as optimising the ever-important lead times, we have the unique ability to provide easy local access to every stage of the build, ensuring the Clear Channel team has complete visibility and transparency through the delivery process.”

Simon Sugar, Amscreen CEO


Clear Channel is already Northern Ireland’s leading Outdoor media owner and this investment will further consolidate this position. In another media-first, Clear Channel Northern Ireland were the first to install digital screens in shopping malls in Northern Ireland with the launch of the Castlecourt shopping centre. In 2016, Clear Channel Northern Ireland launched Ireland’s first retail network with the launch of Asda Live across 12 Asda stores. In 2017, Clear Channel added to their digital portfolio with 50 Socialite screens in pubs and bars across Northern Ireland, as well as a digital screen at George Best City Airport.


Leading digital signage provider sees their 1000th outdoor screen roll off the production line of their UK based manufacturing plant with further engineering investment planned.

Amscreen, Europe’s leading wireless, outdoor screen solutions business has achieved a milestone with the 1000th screen coming off its production line at their purpose built, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in the UK.

In February 2015, Amscreen and Clear Channel UK signed a technology partnership that would see screens deployed up and down the UK’s high streets as part of Clear Channel UK’s Adshel Live upgrade.

The deal between these two global businesses has helped create more than 70 jobs within Amscreen. The new roles span a range of engineering and manufacturing functions and the business continues to invest in products and people as production meets digital signage demand. The purpose built facility also relies on local Bolton based businesses and talent for sourcing materials and services to produce a portfolio of indoor and outdoor signage in its 20,000 sq. ft. facility.


“The digital signage market continues to go from strength to strength and we’re so excited that we’ve been able to utilise the home grown talent in design, manufacturing and operations.

“This rapid development and deployment has been possible through both Amscreen and Clear Channel’s shared vision of bringing new, fit for purpose outdoor products to market for our clients. We also excited about our development pipeline with new product launches planned for early next year helping cement our position as one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers outdoor sunlight visible screen”

Simon Sugar, Amscreen CEO


Amscreen has provided more than 8,000 screens to a range of network operators offering a unique blend of real-time remote device monitoring and simplicity in installation and maintenance.

The breadth of deployment now means the total Amscreen network reaches more than 50 million people each week across the telecoms, retail, travel, pharmaceutical, charity, government and FMCG sectors.


“We’ve now been working with the Amscreen team for over a year and it’s clear that their products and approach have helped us rapidly deliver a scalable screen solution providing a low touch stunning creative canvas for our brands across the UK high-street.”

Justin Cochrane, Clear Channel CEO

European screen solutions business Amscreen has now produced more than 250 of the revolutionary new phone boxes for Clear Channel UK using British-based engineering and design talents.

Amscreen, Europe’s leading digital screen solutions provider, has delivered hundreds of cutting-edge new phone box units for deployment across high-streets nationwide for Clear Channel UK’s New World Payphones business.

The transformation of these classic displays, announced late last year, is now breathing new life into the original phone box designs with a refreshed appearance and a full range of customer-centric services. Clear Channel has also partnered with international environmental charity, Trees for Cities, and is planting a tree in an urban area for every upgraded phone box.

The New World Payphones kiosks have been developed and engineered at a custom-built 20,000-sq.ft factory in Bolton, which was built solely for the production of digital signage equipment for the Out of Home and smart city displays sector.

The kiosks incorporate a standard telephone as well as high speed public Wi-Fi and interactive maps for local shoppers and tourists. Alongside this, Amscreen’s Remote Device Monitoring platform (RDM®) provides the foundation for all current and future connected services to be activated on every site.


“These 250 completed units represent a fantastic milestone for the business. In the development and delivery of these products, we were conscious of staying true to the classic phone box both in terms of his physicality but we also wanted to keep it home grown by working with British engineering talent. Because we are European based, it also speeds up production and delivery and ultimately installation. Our customers can be more involved and have complete visibility at every stage of the process.”

“Our service doesn’t stop when the screen rolls out of the factory – our after sales support and Remote Device Monitoring platform (RDM®) also means that that unlike the original phone boxes – every single element of these units are being monitored and measured 24/7. RDM® is also the bedrock that is allowing our partners to activate and measure real time services for all customers in the chain.”

Simon Sugar, Amscreen CEO


Martin Corke, Marketing Director at Clear Channel UK, commented:

“We’re proud to be de-cluttering UK high streets by removing ageing phone boxes, and replacing them with fewer, smarter units created by Amscreen right here in the UK. The New World Payphone kiosks offer valuable free public services, and will create a lasting legacy for the local communities through our partnership with Trees for Cities.”

Martin CorkeMarketing Director at Clear Channel UK


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Following the recent 90-year anniversary of the K2 – the iconic red British phone box – appearing on our streets, New World Payphones are bringing it into the 21st century with high-tech makeover.


This staple of British tradition has everything you would expect from a traditional phone box, plus a number of adaptions for 21st century use. This includes high-speed Wi-Fi connection provided by Virgin Media, touchscreen functions for local services and digital advertising screens.

Beyond its practical usage, the phone boxes will also form the basis of a renovation in public infrastructure. For every new phone box built, New World Payphones will declutter the streets by removing older phone box models that have fallen into disrepair AND plant an urban tree via a partnership with Trees for Cities. The partnership provides the perfect fusion between technological and environmental enhancement on the high street.

Despite being a phone box for the 21st century, the design is drenched in telecommunications heritage. All production is carried out in Britain by Lord Sugar’s Amscreen company in Bolton and the design is inspired by the design ideas used by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in creating his original K2 phone box.  The K2 phone box was Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s first vision for a phone box and arrived on London’s streets in 1926, just over 90 years ago.

While the traditional red phone boxes have always retained a degree of charm, more modern models – via ageing as well as vandalism – have become something of an eyesore on Britain’s high streets. The revenue generated from the New World Payphones digital phone box will be used to carry out weekly maintenance –more than four times as frequently as existing phone boxes – thus countering the potential for urban decay.

Meanwhile, these modern additions will help improve the UK’s connectivity to broadband in urban areas. More mobile broadband spots, such as the one provided by New World Payphones, essentially act as boosters for the UK’s connectivity.


Lord Sugar, Chairman at Amscreen, said:

“Along with the likes of red buses, Piccadilly Circus and Big Ben, the inner-city phone box has been synonymous with Britain’s cultural heritage since their introduction nearly one hundred years ago. It is therefore fitting that Amscreen – a British company – have been charged with manufacturing the remodelling of this classic design icon.

“I view the UK manufacturing industry in the highest regard. It has always been the global standard bearer for quality and I’m proud to see Amscreen continue this tradition with a project of this scale. I am confident that our digital signage expertise, combined with the vision of ClearChannel/New World Payphones and the high grade technology provided by Virgin, has helped create a new entry into our national phone box collection and one that could become as iconic as the famous K2 design.”

Lord Sugar, Chairman at Amscreen


Professor Nigel Linge of the University of Salford’s telecommunication programme said:

“It’s often said that mobile phones have caused the death of the public phone box, I would argue that this new model proves that mobiles have actually prompted the evolution of the phone box. Our communication needs are always evolving. This model meets the demand for enabling modern communication, while keeping one foot in the past with a design steeped in history. It is a technological and aesthetically-pleasing success and will ensure that phone boxes will retain their ubiquitous presence on our high streets for years to come.”

Professor Nigel Linge, University of Salford’s telecommunication programme


Justin Cochrane, CEO of Clear Channel UK, the owner of New World Payphones added:

“We’re delighted to be officially launching our phone box for the 21st century. These new phone boxes provide a host of benefits to the public including telephone, Wi-Fi and local area information. This launch will also see us declutter high streets and plant hundreds of trees in urban areas while providing a timely boost for British manufacturing,

The public phone box sits alongside Big Ben, cups of tea and Tower Bridge when you think of institutional British icons, so to be involved in the evolution of such a stalwart of the British high street is an honour.”

Justin Cochrane, CEO of Clear Channel UK


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Clear Channel UK has announced the extension of their media sales partnership with leading screen solutions provider Amscreen. The deal sees them continuing to sell advertising opportunities on the national screen network for a further 3 years.


The deal provides Clear Channel UK with exclusive rights to selling advertising opportunities across this 2700+ digital out-of-home network. The network reaches 18.4 million adults every two weeks through a national presence in leading forecourt and convenience locations operated by Tesco, BP, Shell and Esso as well as other leading independents.

Clear Channel has held the contract since May 2016 and the renewal represents a move to bring the national digital screen network into the business as a key supplement to their existing portfolio of digital and classic outdoor estate.


“We’re delighted to be continuing our partnerships with Amscreen – this vast national network is an excellent addition to our market-leading retail proposition which includes digital screens at Sainsbury’s and Asda stores nationwide and our all-digital malls portfolio. This announcement further strengthens our national digital reach for our advertising and agencies.”

Chris Pelekanou, Clear Channel UK Commercial Director


“Clear Channel has brought this network into their broader business offering the exceptional insight, talent and resource that comes with this market leading out-of-home company , working with an established media partner, it allows Amscreen to focus on its core of delivering 1st class, end to end digital signage products and services.”

Simon Sugar, Amscreen CEO

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Clear Channel Ireland launches new screen network In Dublin’s Westend Shopping Park


Clear Channel Ireland has announced a partnership and deployment with Europe’s leading screen solutions provider Amscreen. The deal, penned less than 6 weeks ago, has already seen the installation of a network of digital screens in Dublin’s popular Westend Shopping Park.

The 70” free standing digital displays have been developed by the UK based, leading outdoor solutions business and marks the first deployment with Clear Channel Ireland. Amscreen has currently supplied Clear Channel UK with more than 1,500 digital screens for the UK market including the recently announced Adshel phone kiosk.


Simon Sugar, Amscreen CEO commented:
“We’re absolutely delighted to have been chosen as the screen partner on this project. We’ve been working hard over the last 2 years to hone a suite of tools that deliver on the specific needs of Clear Channel, enabling efficiencies in everything from installation to ongoing management. It’s this work that has allowed us to provide, deploy and integrate this network into Clear Channel Ireland’s operation at such speed and with minimum disruption”

Simon Sugar, CEO Amscreen


Declan O’Carroll, Clear Channel Ireland COO said:

“Westend Shopping Park has a population of over 150,000 within a 10 minute drive and 800,000 within a 20 minute drive. It has 25 stores including Lidl, Gap Outlet, Next, Argos and Heatons. The Clear Channel screens are located a key points of interest in the Westend Shopping Park and provide new ways for brands to meet people when they are out and about. Clear Channel will offer advertisers the opportunity to run multiple creatives, day part targeting as well as short term advertising opportunities. Amscreen offered both a strong product and a solid understanding of the broader Clear Channel business. We’re very happy with the new installs and all this was delivered in a matter of weeks – no doubt testament to this strong end to end operation”

Declan O’Carroll, COO Clear Channel Ireland


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